Q: Can i get a new phone?
A: Yes - we provide a wide range of models that are available for outright purchase or on contract.

Q: Can i keep my exsisting mobile number(s) if i move networks?
A: Yes, by requesting a PAC code (Port Authorisation Code). This PAC code is valid for 30 days. We use this PAC Code to transfer your existing number(s) to your new contract. There is no downtime on your service and is a automatic transfer, you know as soon as this happens as all calls and texts come on your new Sim. On completing your transfer we will confirm on which day is most suitable for you for this to happen.

Q: How do i find the IMEI number?
A: Your phone has a unique IMEI number. Find it behind the battery or press *#06# and make a note of it. You need this number if you are entitled to a replacement handset or if your phone is stolen.

Q: Will Office 365 small business work with my MS Office?
A: O365 works best with the latests versions of Office from 2010 onwards with limited functionality if using 2007. Please note O365 doesn't work with MS Office older than 2007.

If you have a question that you cannot find the answer to please contact us either by phone 02381 781230 or email info@rightplancomms.co.uk (If by email, emails are replied to within 1 working day)